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The Importance of Messy Play

My children have all spent the first 5 years of their lives at school or Nursery almost constantly playing and…guess what? I was furious about it! If, like me, you have memories of education being all about learning by rote, sitting at a desk studiously learning the three R’s and being tested on your competence by written exams, you may be shocked to discover that times have changed!... Read more

Building Healthy Homework Habits!

Getting children to complete their homework is not impossible; All you need is Healthy Homework Habits! Creating habits of success in your children will take a while, perhaps a month or two. During this learning period, it’s important to stick to the principles and follow the guidelines outlined here... Read more

After Giving Birth

Your body has spent months nurturing and growing your baby. All the changes that helped to bring your baby into the world are now abruptly reversed... Read more

Why Motherhood Over 40 is a fine Vintage

Your body has spent months nurturing and growing your baby. All the changes that helped to bring your baby into the world are now abruptly reversed... Read more

Help My Child's a Biter

The act of biting in children is common. Most youngsters will bite or attempt to bite another or at least once as they move through the toddler to pre school years. In most cases the child quickly learns how unacceptable such behaviour is, usually from the horrified response they receive from those around them, but the problem can linger in some children... Read more

10 Rainy Day Activities

Cardboard Boxes- Are great for the imagination and provide hours of entertainment for creative minds. They make dens, cars and castles, which can be decorated in all sorts of fantasticways. Small boxes can become spooky disguises cutting out holes for eyes and mouth and painting on a scary face.... Read more

Does your toddler rarely want to sit still?

Does your toddler rarely want to sit still? Do they have what feels like endless energy? Feel like you’ve tried everything to tire them out? Why not try dancing... Read more

Temper Tantrums

It all seems to happen so fast. One minute you have a baby in arms and the next minute they are walking and talking and have the ability to say ‘No’ to anything you ask of them... Read more

London specialists have the answer to ‘flat head syndrome’

You may have noticed sporadic images in the press of the cutest looking babies wearing specially fitted helmets. Read more

How to Stop your Child Waking in the Night!

around in a daze? Feel during the day you are in a permanent cloud? Heading off to bed at 9pm knowing you are going to be up half the night? .... You are not alone... Read more

Teaching your child to read

We all know how important it is for our children to learn to read, but, how do we help them do it in the midst of a busy life? And what happens if we don’t actually like reading ourselves? Or, if we do like reading, how do we share that love with our children?Read more

The Nursery Education Grant

So, your child is nearly three! You can look forward to a lot of things, but one thing that may well help in the midst of this recession is that your childcare fees are likely to go down, thanks to the Government funded Nursery Education Grant. (I use the word ‘likely’ because not all childcare providers participate in this scheme). If your child is currently at home with you, you can look forward to some free time during the week (though you may well spend much of it missing your child!) So, how does it work? Read more

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Rascals 18th edition

Our Winter edition is jammed packed with vital information and all the latest parenting issues. Make sure you check out our What´s On section to keep in the know of everything going on in and around the city.

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Rascals News

Measles vaccination plan in England targets 1m children

One million schoolchildren in England who missed MMR jabs are to be targeted by a vaccination plan aimed at curbing the growing threat of measles...

Flu in pregnancy 'may raise bipolar risk for baby'

Flu during pregnancy may increase the risk of the unborn child developing bipolar disorder later in life, research suggests...

London needs '118,000 extra school places' in three years

The body that represents London's 33 local authorities says at least 118,000 more state-funded school places will be needed within the next three years...

4,800 London children fail to get a primary school place

Nearly 5,000 London children have failed to get a place at any primary school they want to go to, figures reveal...

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