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Room to Grow Introduce New Mode Range

By Daisy Wolfenden

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Children are dreamers. Sometimes it seems as though they are rarely in reality, whether they are avoiding the lava as they skip across the paving stones outside, or having a tremendous nerf gun war and littering the entire house in foam yellow bullets. For them, life is non-stop - they are go gogo, all day long. After fighting aliens, crossing galaxies, playing football for England, being the queen of the world or simply being terrors for their parents ¬ - are they tired? Well, they certainly won’t admit to it! Getting them to sleep can often be the hardest task of all for parents, because kids are just too reluctant for the day to end.

Room to Grow, online bedroom furniture specialists, believe in providing these little dreamers with somewhere to sleep that is special, allowing them to happily continue their fantasies when they close their eyes. They believe in creating bedrooms that children are proud of, so they won’t mind climbing into bed when the day is over and it is time to sleep.

The perfect bedroom may seem as distant a dream as some of your children’s make believe worlds when things like cost, space and other practicalities have to be considered. But as Anne Davies, Director of Room to Grow, says “There are ranges to suit all tastes and budgets to make the most of your child’s bedroom whether you are looking for play, storage, study or sleepover options.” They understand that every house and household is different, so they work to accommodate you and your creative vision - whatever the colour scheme, whatever the price range, whatever the theme.

Although it can be tempting to just entirely take control, it is important to let your children have a say in the choices that you make. It is going to be their room, after all. As Anne says: “don’t underestimate the opinions of your little ones. Choices are all about satisfying a child’s craving for fun, space and adventure, alongside a parent’s demand for functionality.” Room to Grow understand that creating a space everyone is happy with can sometimes seem like a daunting process, but they are always there to help you with your ideas and provide suggestions to help you along the way - it is what they do!

Wanting something other than white walls, but not wanting to go too crazy with the colours? For nurseries, light pastel shades are a good option as they are soothing on the eye and they are gender neutral. When your children get older, having a feature wall is always a good idea - it provides a bold splash of colour without being overbearing. If your children want a colour you’re not sure of, remember that most companies provide a whole range from softer shades to bolder versions of the same colour - you can pick the one you’d prefer, and still keep your child satisfied.

It’s great to have an amazing bedroom for the here and now, but, remember to really give your children room to grow. Anne’s advice is: “Plan ahead — is your daughter’s potential sparkly bright pink palace really going to suit when she has moved on to the latest pop idol and wants her own space to escape for a girly gossip with friends? The most practical approach is to plan at least a couple of years in advance.” For example, cot beds are great for converting from a nursery to a junior bedroom, and midsleepers are ideal for kids 6 to 13 years old.

At Room to Grow, they specialise in happy endings. And right now, for orders over £500, receive a free Evie Alarm clock by using the code TICK-TOCK on The good dreams should never end!

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